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CTA has been working with the Educational director of Bloodhound South Africa Dave Rowley for the last six months, with the aim to create awareness around composites and their use in the Bloodhound car that will attempt a world land speed record in the Northern Cape in 2013. The Bloodhound project and CTA will embark on a national road show promoting the project in 2012/20.

The BLOODHOUND SSC Project is an attempt at the World Land Speed Record (WLSR) with a car that is being designed to travel at 1,690 km/h. The target speed is 1,610 km/h (1,000 mph) that would see an increase of 31% on the current WLSR. To achieve this, the development of the car will utilise the very latest technology, materials and manufacturing methods, many of which are being researched by the 250+ companies involved in the project.

The number one aim of the project however, is to inspire the next generation of engineers and scientists by sharing all the project information with learners and their teachers with schools across South Africa. All the project’s research, design, manufacture and testing, including where the team does not get it right first time, is available on the website and through the production of hard copy curriculum materials. This aim is to help overcome the shortage of young people continuing with their science and maths education by making the curriculum more exciting and relevant.

The car will utilise the very latest manufacturing technologies and the front end will use composites extensively for the driver’s monocoque cockpit and for the jet intake structure to the EJ200 engine.

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