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Employment and Recruitment

In order to create further opportunities for skilled individuals, CTA provides a recruitment services for permanent or temporary placements which will further support our drive for industry growth. Students are evaluated throughout their time at CTA with a view to gaining a better understanding of where each individual might fit into industry.

We do not only place CTA’s students, but also carry out assessments for external candidates, to assess their ability before making them available to industry. It is important to make sure that for both the employer and employee, that the skill sets offered, and required, are as close a match as possible.

For this reason, a skills matrix is developed based on the employers requirements and then cross referenced against the candidates skill set, any discrepancies will be rectified prior to any candidate being placed; ensuring a functional transition into the production environment.

Process support

CTA has the ability to add value to your composite production and manufacturing environment. From facility design and production start-up, to in-process quality control, stock control and production engineering, CTA is equipped to assist in releasing bottle necks that are retarding business growth.

Our focus is very simply on the basic principal of Quality, Cost & Schedule. Understanding the relationships between these three principals in the production environment, allows us to stabilise and then support growth in your business, at a realistic and sustainable rate.

We have found over the years, that having a clear plan in place along with measurable targets and a common goal, growth is not a question of “when”, but rather of “how much”.


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